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We all know that the polluted water is harmful for our health, but we possibly do not know about the diseases caused due to polluted water. In this article, we will discuss some water-borne diseases, hope you will enjoy it.

1. Adenovirus Infection: Caused by Adenoviridae virus found in contaminated water. Symptoms of the disease may vary depending on which part of the human body is infected. It may take five to eight days in processing the virus.

2. Amebiasis: Caused by Entamoeba histolytica parasite usually found in infected water or in the pool. Symptoms include Diarrhea, stomach pain and other stomach problems.

3. Campylobacteriosis: Caused by Campylobacter jejuni bacteria that are found in the chicken, water and not pasteurized milk. It may take 2 to 10 days in identifying the symptoms.

4. Cryptosporidiosis: This is a parasite generated disease caused by Cryptosporidium parasite found in fecal matter of an infected person. Stomach pain, dehydration, vomiting, slow fever, weakness and weight loss are common symptoms of the disease.

5. Cholera: Caused by Vibrio cholerae bacteria found in contaminated water of the river and coastal sources. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and leg pain.

6. Giardiasis: Caused by Giardia lamblia parasite found in polluted water. Common symptoms include Diarrhea, acidity, stomach or abdominal pain, etc.

7. Hepatitis A: Caused by well-known Hepatitis A virus, this is one of the most common water generated diseases. Virus is commonly found in Ready-to-eat food items, milk products, fruit and juice, salads, vegetables, sandwiches and infected water.

8. Legionellosis: Caused by Legionella pneumophila bacteria, this is also a common water-borne disease. The bacteria are found in contaminated liquids. Symptoms include Fever, Lung inflammation, and loss of appetite for food, muscle pain, diarrhea and vomiting.

9. Salmonellosis: Caused by Salmonella bacteria found in eggs, milk and other liquid food products. Symptoms include stomach pain, headache, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, pain, etc.

10. Viral Gastroenteritis: Caused by Calicivirus virus that starts affecting in 24 to 48 hours. Common symptoms are Diarrhea, vomiting, fever, body pain, headache, etc. This virus is usually found in water and ready-to-eat food products.

There are many other water-borne diseases and problems. Though symptoms are very common, and it is not easy to find which disease you are suffering from, medical checkups and tests can help in this. Contaminated water is the main reason behind this, so we must promote the use of pure and clean water.

Water that we get from earth and other natural resources is contaminated and polluted with various impurities. These impurities include various types of chemicals, virus, bacteria, and other pollutants that are harmful for human body as well as for other things in which they are used. Contaminated water can harm our body by the diseases mentioned above. When this hard water is used for washing clothes and dishes, it doesn’t work properly with the soap and also it makes a layer of hardness on the surface of the dishes.

The best way to treat the contaminated water is its purification. Distillation is a method of purification that includes boiling and condensing of the water to get pure water in the result. Though this process can be followed at home without any particular instrument, but the safest method is to use a water distiller. A water distiller will do all this for you providing you with pure drinkable water. You can easily find one with the help of the internet. Though, purification and distillation are two different things, but distillation is one of the best methods for purification.

I hope you guys will find this post useful. I am always here to discuss and solve your problems through comments.

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