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Not long after giving birth the female gender of mammals will produce a milky substance known as ‘colostrum’. This fluid is what kick-starts the immune system of their newborn. Research reveals that kicking off the immune system is just one of many benefits to be gained from this substance. Anyone who has an immune system that is compromised in some way or who need an added boost in that area may be able to benefit from colostrum. Cancer patients or those who are prone to infection are prime candidates.

The properties of organic colostrum that boost the immune system come from specific molecules known as ‘transfer factors’. Sherwood Lawrence discovered these molecules back in 1949. He was treating tuberculosis patients when he noticed it was possible to transfer the immune response factors from blood donors to the recipients. That is where the term ‘transfer factors’ was coined.

Burton Goldberg states that ‘transfer factors’ are able to “educate” or modify the immune system of donor recipients. They are able to teach the recipient’s immune system to recognized certain antigens as well as communicate the fact they are there.

Hepatitis and HIV are real concerns today when blood transfers are involved. They make it a risky proposition to attempt to boost a person’s immune system using transfer agents. Fifty years after this discovery by Lawrence, in 1999, researchers gathered at the ’11th International Conference on Transfer Agents in Mexico’ to discuss a potential role for transfer factors for use in modern medicine. One of the hot topics at the conventions was ‘Bovine Colostrum’ because it is such an abundant source of known transfer factors to date.

Bovine Colostrum is loaded with transfer factors like IgG-type immunoglobulin’s and hydrogen peroxide. These are what your school nurse used for skinned knees. Healthy cells produce hydrogen peroxide naturally and regularly to fight off invading pathogens. It is a known fact the British Army doctors who knew about this fact would use hydrogen peroxide intravenously for treating influenza in India.

Bovine Colostrum contains high concentratins of IgG-type immunoglobulins. This is very significant for people who suffer from AIDS. Of course healthy immune systems can fight off simple disorders like diarrhea (cryptosporidiosis) but for someone with AIDS it can be deadly. It has been stated by the ‘Health Science Institute’s Underground Cures’ that Colostrum can significantly lower if not completely eliminate the symptoms of cryptosporidiosis sufferers.

Because organic Colostrum boosts the immune system it is considered to be an effective treatment for cancer. Most people are aware that cancer and immune deficiency keep close company. There are cancer cells developing within the body all the time. However, most immune systems are able to kill them effectively before they cause damage or take root. When a person is diagnosed with cancer it is an indication that their immune system is compromised and unable to fight off the malignant cells. Then they begin to spread.

A boosted immune system will be better able to defend against naturally occurring cancerous cells which prevents any full-blown progression. People who already are diagnosed with cancer will find Colostrum to be a worthy ally. It not only boosts the immune system but contains ‘phytic acid’ which is an anti-oxidant the keeps iron from getting to and nourishing the cancer cells.

Transfer Factors show lots of promise in treating communicable disease in the years ahead. Researchers are learning more all the time and gaining the ability to locate and isolate specific relevant factors. Some believe that in the future transfer factors may help to cure all the tough diseases like Ebola and AIDS that are ravishing the planet.

Back in 2002 when Uganda suffered an outbreak of Ebola a freelance journalist by the name of Sam Wainaina studied the potential benefits of transfer factors and their use in Africa. He concluded in his article that had they been used at the onset of the outbreak containment could have come much sooner and many live would have been saved.

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