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Keeping beautiful 24X7 is need of the hour for all the young ladies across the globe. It’s even more essential for those busy women who have to spend a lot of hours of the day under the sun. Below discussed are 21 budget beauty tips and secrets for you to follow:-

Baking soda– as a shampoo, a face cleanser or a foot powder, it opens up the skin pores and help in cleansing.

Chickpea flour– rubbing it on the exposed parts mixed with milk or water help remove sunburn and tan and give you back the real glow and complexion.

Hot water– take shower in hot water to rejuvenate the skin collagens helping it to keep healthy. A foot message in hot water keeps the skin under the feet in good shape and removes all the dead skin. Steam inhalation is also a great way to purify your lungs and the alveoli inside.

Pumice stone– rubbing pumice stones along the feet and below them removes dead skin and also results in foot massage that is extremely pleasant and helps rejuvenate the mood. It is as good as a pedicure.

Strawberry extracts– have the fruit and apply the remaining extracts over the face skin. They help removing acne and pimples.

Honey– it is great for the body in various ways. Besides consuming it in empty stomach every day, you may use it as a hair conditioner or a facial mask.

Raw potatoes– they have a lot of enzymes that help the skin collagen of the face. They can be applied on the closed eyelids and the face as raw slices.

Bananas– applying bananas smashed on the skin helps the skin to remain healthy by easy absorption of the micronutrients directly.

Avocados– they are also great for the skin and helps in skin glow and keeping it moist and fresh. They can be applied in smashed state.

Tea– it is a great beauty enhancer. Having raw tea without milk and sugar one a day helps the skin glow and the fresh look on the face.

Coffee– besides being a mood buster, it is a great beauty enhancer also. It helps skin collagens to rebuild through its enzymes and thus fights ageing.

Milk– there is hardly any other beautifying item that can match the goodness of milk. Applying milk on face skin helps overcoming tan and dark circles.

Lemon– a lemon therapy on your face helps remove pimples and cracks. Lemon is also good for the nails and help making them stronger.

Sugar– it can replace your scrub when mixed thickly with light oil.

Apple– rubbing apple on the face can help you get back the glow.

Guavas– they are really good for having white and shiny teeth. You may also use them as face scrub.

Mustard oil– using them as body message oil can really help you tone up the muscles. Especially if you need to display the abs muscles, toning with mustard oil is greatly beneficial.

Coconut water– it’s great to wipe your face off with coconut water. The micronutrients help in natural cleansing.

Coconut oil– if you desire great thick and long hair, there is no replacement to coconut oil applied every day.

Olive– it is also greatly beneficial for the face skin to remove sunburns and rashes.

Beauty Spa- In simple words, beauty spa is a great place to relax and rejuvenate. But there are many rumors regarding certain poor effects that they may have. A few of these cases are true, while others may be rumors only. Nevertheless, these rumors go a long way in making a person disinterested towards the beauty spas.

Recommended: Use a voucher code MAS5385 to save an extra 5% when shopping for supplements on iHerb.

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