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Even though most individuals understand the importance of exercise and physical activity for one’s health and wellbeing, many people decide to skip exercise all together because they “can’t find the time.” If it was a perfect world, everyone would be able to dedicate one full hour a day of physical activity toward their health and fitness goals, but most of us find it hard to complete our regular daily tasks in just a 24 hour period.

If you consider yourself one of these ridiculously busy individuals, check out the following tips to help you sneak in some exercise even if your schedule is jam packed from morning until night. If you practice these tips enough, getting in an hour of physical activity a day won’t be as hard as you originally thought it would be.

First, add in a workout during the commute to work.

If you live within a few miles of your office, use your commute to add in vital exercise. Forego the car or bus for walking or biking. Thirty minutes of walking or biking three times a week can make the world of difference for your health and dieting success. Plus, activities like walking and biking have been shown to lower the odds of developing issues like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and metabolic syndrome. If the sun is shining and the weather permits, opt for exercise over hopping in the car. Not only are you gaining vital physical activity, but you’re helping the planet at the same time.

Second, wake up earlier.

If your daily tasks start first thing in the morning, try jumping out of bed an hour earlier and becoming an AM exerciser. Pop in a Yoga or Pilates DVD and get in 30-45 minutes of activity first thing in the morning before you even begin working on crossing stuff off of your “To Do” list. Not only does working out first thing in the morning jump start your metabolism to begin burning calories more effectively right away, it helps you feel energized for the rest of the day. When you work out before you even start getting ready, you won’t have to cut out other tasks and activities during the day that could keep you from not wanting to exercise.

Third, fit in physical activity at work.

Still having trouble finding time before or after work to fit in some exercise? Get moving at your office instead. Skip the elevator and take the stairs, walk a few laps around the parking lot during breaks or at lunch, and trade in your office chair for a stability ball for one to two hours each day. Store two 5lb dumbbells at your desk or in a drawer and whip them out in between calls to fit in some bicep curls, tricep stretches, or shoulder lifts. It may not be much, but it will add up over time and something is always better than nothing.

Finally, use the time you spend watching your favorite shows to fit in some exercise.

If you find yourself complaining about not having time to work out, yet you still sit down to watch 30 minutes or an hour of your favorite TV program, you’re underutilizing your time. If instead you DVR your favorite shows and pop in a fitness DVD instead, you can still catch up on your TV programing late night or on the weekends, but you’ve taken the importance of your health into your own hands. Still feel like you can’t miss the season finale of Survivor? Use the commercials to fit in sit ups, pushups, and jumping jacks.

Once you realize that fitting in exercise is imperative to your health and wellbeing and shouldn’t be overlooked due to a busy schedule, you’ll find that time will appear even when you think it can’t.  Don’t get discouraged if setbacks happen. Inevitably, there will be a time when you just can’t get that workout in, but make sure to stay determined and motivated for the rest of the week so it’s not detrimental to your fitness goals.

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