W.H.O. (World Health Organization) has defined the term health as “a state of actual finish, psychological, and public well-being and not merely the lack of illness or infirmity”. To keep body in good shape, keeping it healthy is a must otherwise we wouldn’t have our mind focused on the work. Health plays a vital role  in keeping our body upright. If not healthy nobody can enjoy the wonders of life. Health is truly a wealth without health you can’t feel happiness or do the work well.

Without health, beauty is nothing. The magic of beauty of person lies within a good health & proper nutrition. Beauty is a broad term which has not been fully explained up till now. Different people describe it differently. For different civilization & regions of the world the definition of beauty is different.  Everybody has different qualities & beauty which makes him/her different from others. God has made each individual differently from each other. Some are brilliant in physical beauty whereas others have not outer beauty but they have inner beauty for e.g. how to tackle complex situations?, how to lead to happy peaceful life.  No one is equal everyone have qualities in one part or another. God has not turned down His people. He has provided not one but numerous solutions to the specific problem. As for health, good diet counts most to achieve the perfect body satisfying every health factor.

Beauty Tips


Hair getting grey, how to bring back its original colour?


Take 1 to 2 tablespoons of molasses covered in rice milk, curd, honey, apple cider vinegar or any eatable you love to eliminate the raw taste of the molasses. Avoid using eatables from which you are allergic to & also don’t use molasses more than 2 to 3 tablespoons per day, as it is heavily rich with copper & iron. Too much use of it can be dangerous to health. Molasses are not suitable for diabetic patients.


The hair dandruff problem isn’t solved using dandruff shampoo


Mix 1/8 cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup normal water, put in a container, apply it on to the head and roots, massage it in, protect with bath cap or smooth soft towel  for 15 to 30 minutes, and clean it out with regular hair shampoo.  When well diluted with normal water, it also prevents GERD. Make sure you reduce it, as it can be irritating to the breeze tube.


How to prevent wrinkles.


Start protecting your skin from early days apply sunblock lotions everyday as your daily routine. Keep a hat with you & wear it immediately when travelling in the sun. Through these easy steps done since early teens anyone can prevent wrinkles from an early age.

Man-made beauty items

Men have made many researches & experiments on how to make cosmetics (without the need of nature) over many years. Beauty is the mean to get the opposite gender attracted towards oneself. At the starting the ritual of applying beauty products was done only to get the partner attracted. In recent times, after the 20th century era the pharmaceutical & cosmetic companies started to focus on younger girls to apply beauty products. Nowadays makeup is marketed as new & improved skin care for women. According to a survey an average woman spends around $13,000 on makeup/ applying beauty products in her lifetime. After the successful response from ladies right now the new target in the beauty industry are men. Nivea© has launched numerous beauty products for men & is getting a highly positive response. Men/women both cannot get back off or stop the use of beauty products as it has given solutions to many beauty related problems which used to trouble us before the rise of beauty products.






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