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Sometimes, you get bombarded with suggestions on the latest weight loss programs available out there. As humans, we usually crave for variety and excitement, and this forces you to try out several options that you see on magazines or the web. To avoid spending too much effort and money on procedures and programs that do not guarantee the results you long for, take time to learn about Cryolipolisis, a scientifically researched option that works well as a supplement to your chosen method.

Revolutionary technology developed at Harvard

Cryolipolisis, or more popularly known as cool sculpting, was developed by experts at Harvard University. It is a form of cellulite treatment that utilizes the technology of cooling pads in removing fats from target areas of your body. The procedure involves consultation and establishment of a personalized plan of action. You can choose how much fat you want to remove and on which body regions.

Non-surgical treatment

During treatment, the gel pad will be placed on the target area, and a vacuum will be activated to keep it secure. You will feel a slight pinching sensation, but it becomes numb after a few moments. The cooling effect will then concentrate on freezing the fats contained in that area. The settings would have been calibrated beforehand, so your tissues and muscles are not affected. Fat has been found to have a more pronounced reaction to lower temperatures, thus improving the accuracy of the method.

Natural healing progression

After treatment, you’ll find no need to take several days of rest, since there wasn’t any surgical procedure performed. This means you would have no wounds or scars to worry about. The area will show some signs of bruising though, but the healing process will take its natural course. It would be the same sensation as when you bump your hip on a table. There may be slight pain felt, but it’s not enough to hinder your movements.

Combined with weight loss programs

Now that you know the ins and outs of cool sculpting technology, it becomes easier to understand where it can be placed in your goal to fully lose those extra pounds. Exercise and diet are the usual go-to methods for weight loss, and the diversity of the programs is hinged on the duration and food types incorporated in the plan.

As mentioned, cool sculpting frees you from unbearable pain and prolonged durations of healing from surgical wounds. You can immediately go back to your diet program, and the results will not be compromised. Your movements are not restricted, and you can go about your daily routine. In addition, you can count on not having complications, which usually necessitate additional visits to repair the damage

Why and when should you consider Cryolipolisis?

Cool sculpting works best if you get to fully understand the advantages of the technology and how it can augment in reaching your weight loss goals. This is the reason why the consultation plays a vital role in the procedure. It pays to be really honest with the doctor, since he should be able to share his expertise on the subject of body structures, including your unique characteristics.

Procedure by Jason Pozner, MD, FACS

Before and after photos of CoolSculpting

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Sometimes, it gets annoying for people when they keep doing extensive workouts without producing desired results. This is not a testament to the effort of the person, but more of how the body has adapted to lifestyles and habits accumulated over the years. A good example is when you jog regularly even during the weekends, and you notice considerable changes in the muscle tone of your arms and legs. When your belly remains bulging despite the workout, then cool sculpting can assist in shaping the contour of your body structure.

Recommended: Use a voucher code MAS5385 to save an extra 5% when shopping for supplements on iHerb.

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