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Amazing Health Benefits of Pilates WorkoutPilates workout is comparatively a new exercise system that was created by Joseph Pilates in early twentieth century. Joseph Pilates created the system for physically challenged people but the effectiveness of the moves inspires a large number of people as a complete body workout. Pilates exercises target core abdominal muscles specifically. Core is consisted of ribcage and spine that need to be toned and strengthened to improve posture and develop the balance all over the body. Pilates is a safe workout to create long lean muscles with minimal injury and discomfort risks. The results are effective with various easy-to-perform moves. To get the maximum benefits of exercise in minimal time concentration, coordination and balance are the most required elements. Pilates particularly work to develop strength and flexibility.

Pilates makes you look and feel better. It works on strengthening the core to improve the flexibility and posture focusing the back and lower body muscles. Focused breathing is an important aspect of Pilates that helps in toning and shaping the body. Proper breathing also enhances bone density and is beneficial for blood circulation and you positively feel increment in the lung capacity.

Pilates for Weight Loss

People search and work hard to find suitable weight losing methods. Getting rid of that extra pounds and inches is one of the biggest wishes worldwide. A large number of exercising plans and equipments are there to burn calories and lose fats. According to experts the only effective way is to adopt a proper workout for a long period of time. You cannot lose weight or shed excess pounds overnight. Any short term weight lose process considers harmful for health. It is important to adopt that exercise plan which you can continue for long term and that allows you to lose 1 or 2 lbs per week only.

Keeping the above explanation in consideration it will become easier for you to consider Pilates workout a good option for your weight lose. It’s a complete mind and body workout which has higher impacts with slower movements. It is somehow similar to the ancient Yoga poses but is believed to be more useful and result oriented than yoga. The slow repetitive movements with controlled breathing are really effective to enhance stamina, develop flexibility and strength. It is also important to consider that performing Pilates only relatively slows the weight loss process. It is possible to get desired results only with Pilates workout but it needs an immense amount of moderate intensity workout regularly for a long period of time. To achieve the goal thoroughly you must combine Pilates with some aerobic exercise. Combining any aerobic with your Pilates routine can do wonders for your fitness. The key is to target muscles with Pilates moves and use the same in aerobics to burn calories.

Pilates Workout to Treat Osteoporosis

Bones are the framework of our body that is engaged in every movement. They are specifically responsible to maintain balance and to preclude internal organs from injury risks. To keep yourself safe from discomforts and injuries you should take care of your bony structure. Women have higher tendency of weak bones because of constant hormonal changes and particular lifestyle. Osteoporosis is a silent disease without any early symptoms that refers to thinning and losing of bone density over a period of time. Your body needs to replace the old bones via creating new one. Osteoporosis makes it difficult for your system to keeping up the removal of weak bones. Pilates moves are considering widely to prevent you from osteoporosis. With weak bones it is dangerous to perform traditional crunches, leg curls of sit-ups because of fracture risk. Particular Pilates moves assist you in strengthening your spine and lower body muscles. Pilates has a number of ways to support your spinal column without putting much pressure on bones. Pilates workout allows you to rebuild your bone density with specific twisting, bending and rotating. For beginners it is advisable to consult your doctor before starting any new exercise routine. Also discuss your health issues with the Pilates instructor.

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