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All About Natural Sunburn RemediesOver the centuries of recorded time, and even beyond that, humans have covered their skin during long trips or when they would work out in the fields for long periods of time. It wasn’t until our current period of time, at least the last one hundred years or so, that people took off their outer garments to bask in the sun. Today almost everyone has at least laid out in the sun once in their life, but most people who practice sun bathing today are after more than just the sun’s warm rays. Having a tan is popular and makes people feel good about how they look to others. But getting tan skin can come at a price — a price that many feel is too much to pay.

Sunburns and You

I’m sure you have experienced what it feels like to be out in the sun for much longer than you had planned too. Overexposing your skin to the sun will surely guarantee you a few nights to remember, because when you have sunburn sleeping is just one of the painful daily activities that you have to endure. Fortunately there is help but it comes at a cost.
Over the counter creams and lotions do help relieve pain, but these can be a bit pricy though. If you’re like me, always on a budget, then you can find some natural relief to help ease your pain from items found in your home. While natural home remedies can help to relieve your burning skin pain, they don’t always work for extreme sunburns caused by unprotected exposure to the rays from the sun. While we’re talking all about natural sunburn remedies, any extreme cases of sun exposure should be looked at by a doctor.

Sunburn Relief found around the Home

There are many home remedies available that are found in most kitchens’ pantries and in bathroom medicine cabinets. The first thing you should do right after you get home from a day out in the sun is to hydrate. Whether it is a light burn or a full fledge sunburn, where you can hardly move without feeling like your skin is stretching off your body, you need to drink lots of water. You need to keep your skin from drying, this is important otherwise your sunburn is going to get a lot more painful. When you’re properly hydrated your body heals itself faster and keeps the skin moist, which will bring much needed relief.
Another way to get immediate relief is to apply a wet washcloth or rag to your affected areas, doing this will also help keep the skin from drying out. The cool water will give you some instant relief. Adding baking soda to the water also helps, I know this from experience. When I was a kid my mother would often times add baking soda to the water before soaking the rag and applying it to my crispy shoulders and back.

Potatoes, the Unknown Sunburn Reliever

As crazy as it may sound, potatoes are amazingly effective at relieving skin pain. The secret to using potatoes is to either smash them into a thin paste or use a blender to get them into a liquid form. It helps to add a little water but not too much. Once you have a thin paste or a thick liquid, apply it liberally to the affected areas. Once the paste is dry then wash it off and apply a fresh batch, doing this a few times a day will bring great relief, even to the deepest sunburns. Of course, after talking all about natural sunburn remedies any extreme cases of sun exposure should be looked at by a doctor, for your safety sake.

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