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Protein Packed Alternatives to MeatSubstituting some of the meat you eat for a vegetarian alternative has a number of advantages; firstly, you will be eating healthier and secondly, the price of meat has steadily increased over the past few years and this trend looks to continue, so swapping meat for a veggie alternative at least once a week will make a difference to your body as well as your wallet. There are plenty of alternatives to meat, some of the more popular ones are listed in the article below.



Protein Packed Alternatives to Meat


Introducing more soy proteins into your diet makes a lot of sense, especially if your family has a history of heart disease. The protein and phytochemicals contained in soy are now thought to help reduce heart disease as well as osteoporosis and some forms of cancer, and if that wasn’t enough to sway you it’s also low in fat, and super healthy.


Not only is it a great carrier of flavor, it’s easy to prepare and can be eaten raw. Steamed, baked or even shallow fried. And it’s been a staple in Asian food culture for over 2000 years. Many of us have a preconceived notion of tofu as a bland flavorless food, but if you are a little creative when preparing it I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised


Almonds are such versatile ingredients. They are tasty on their own but make a great addition to many sweet as well as savory dishes. They also have a number of nutritional benefits; firstly they are packed with protein as well as calcium, low in carbohydrates as well as being a great source of natural fiber.


This one may surprise a few, but yogurt ( and I’m talking about natural Bio Yogurt) is packed with calcium and the good bacteria that our body needs for a healthy digestive system.

Beans and Pulses

This is a wide category, basically it includes everything from lentils to broad beans and can also been known as legumes.  Collectively they are a great source of protein as well as natural fiber and maybe best of all they are filling and really cheap.


With too many varieties to mention the one thing they all have in common is that they are a great source of protein and they can be eaten however you like, but watch the fat content so eat it in moderation.


Maybe another surprising inclusion into this list, but for a green vegetable it contains a surprising amount of protein, on average about 5grams per cup and its cheap so try to add it to as many meals as you can.


It’s not quite as high in protein as Broccoli, but it still contains 3 grams per cup, and the baby leaves are great in salads or lightly steamed or pan fried will make a tasty addition to any meal.


Milk is often a forgotten source of protein, but with one cup containing up to 8 grams it’s a definitely a viable source and one that should not be overlooked by vegetarians and meat eaters a like.

Sacrificing one meat dish a week it not too much to ask, your body will thank you for it and with so many other great sources of protein on offer you may not even miss it.

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