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8 Healthy Eating TipsHealthy eating is accepted by many people as the best way to avoid unnecessary weight gain. It does not necessarily mean eating ‘health food’ but is more about eating in moderation. Do this and you will be well on your way to living a fit healthy life. That is unless you suffer from a medical condition that affects your metabolism. In this case you will need to consult with your doctor. Generally, however, a regular person with no obvious medical ailments should be able to control his or her weight by eating moderately and exercising regularly.

Everything in Moderation

You can overeat on ‘healthy’ foods just as much as you can on ‘unhealthy’ foods. Therefore, if you are serious about wanting to be fit and healthy it is important to partake moderately of all foods. Overeating is bad for you no matter what type of food you are eating. The secret in preventing overeating is to have a drink of water before every meal. By doing this you will take away any hunger pangs you might have, and therefore be less likely to eat more than you need.

Mother Knew Best After All

You might also recall your mother chastising you for eating too quickly when you were a child. There was a reason behind this that has got lost over time. Apparently, it takes around 20 minutes for your brain to get the message from your stomach that it has had enough. If you have been gulping down your food, you will have over eaten to a considerable degree without even knowing what you were doing. By eating slowly you will be giving your brain enough time to register what is happening, and be more likely to stop eating before gorging yourself.

The following eight ideas could go also a long way to having you eating well in no time:

Don’t Judge Your Food On a Good Or Bad Basis

The thing about healthy eating is not simply about what foods are good for you. Plan your meals well, of course, with bread, dairy products, fish, vegetables, meat, and fruit. But don’t go overboard on just eating healthy foods all the time. A piece of apple pie will do you no harm whatsoever, nor will potato chips, ice cream or sweets. You can eat these foods quite confidently as long as you do so in moderation. A well balanced meal should always be your main aim. A meal with variety and a meal of interest. Plus when you don’t deprive yourself, you won’t be tempted to eat a whole apple pie when you have a craving.

Look For a Good Mix of Foods Rich in Nutrients

Dieticians tell us we need to eat a variety of over 40 of nutrients to remain healthy and this can not be obtained by eating the same food over and over again. It is therefore important that you eat a variety of different foods each day. The amount of foods rich in nutrients that you eat each day will depend on the amount of calories you burn up every day, but as long as you eat foods rich in protein, you should do alright.

Don’t Skip Meals Too Often

Healthy eating is as much about eating regularly as anything else. When you skip a meal you will experience a feeling of hunger and be more likely to over-compensate when you finally sit down to your next meal. If you find yourself in the situation where missing meals can not be avoided don’t hesitate on taking regular snacks to prevent hunger pangs, but don’t get into the habit of replacing your meals with snacks.

No Need to Cut Certain Food From Your Diet

Eating is a pleasurable experience as much as it is a basic requirement that allows us to live. Eating for pleasure is alright so you don’t need to remove those more pleasurable foods from your eating altogether. A fast food hamburger high in fat, salt and sugar won’t hurt you if you only eat one now and again. If you eat high fat products and an over-abundance of dairy foods at every meal you will have something to worry about and need to make changes but once again the message is really about moderation.

Eat Smaller Portions

One of our biggest problems when we eat is that we have got used to eating bigger portions. It is a habit that easily sneaks up on us. Keep your portions to a moderate size and you will be less likely to over-indulge on a certain type of food. A meat serving the size of a deck of cards is sufficient for most people as is one piece of fruit, half a cup of pasta and a quarter of a pint of ice cream.

Know What is Wrong in Your Diet

Before you will be able to confidently say you know what you are doing, as far as healthy eating is concerned, you must know where you are going wrong. This is best ascertained if you take notes of what you eat over a three day period. Note if you tend to use too much butter, salad dressings or cream. Don’t cut these foods out altogether, simply cut back on them a bit. Make sure you are getting enough vegetables and fruit.

Alter Your Eating Habits Slowly

If you find you have been eating too much of one kind of food in preference to another, don’t try to change your habits immediately.  Make modest changes. For instance, if you find it hard to cut sugar out of your coffee, start off by cutting back a bit each time you have a cup. It won’t be long before you discover the sugar in coffee actually spoils the coffee taste.

Achieve a Proper Balance Over Time

If you have eaten a hamburger from a take-away shop that you know is high in sugar, salt and fat, design your next meal so that it is deficient in these types of ingredients. Your proper balance of nutrients and protein can be achieved over a period of days, it doesn’t have to occur each and every day.

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