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The world has placed so much importance on how we appear to others that the majority of us don’t pay attention to our own self image. People who have a poor idea of their body image won’t be able to move past their self esteem problems even if they loose weight.

Women are bombarded with a mold they are expected to fill from the moment they are born. In my case, I was introduced to how a “woman” should look in the form of Barbie dolls as a child. Growing up in the average American/Australian home, I honestly expected to have a perfect figure consisting of a small waist, perfectly sized chest and a small butt. From there you see the images of women on the television that make it seem as if every female should look perfect without the aid of make up or strenuous workouts. How you as an individual see yourself has a great impact on your overall happiness.

If you have body image issues, try using these 7 tips to beat the blues:

 Remove Fashion Magazines From Your Purview

 All of those fashion magazines have to sell what is printed in their pages right? Each and every one of those photos is treated to a generous dosing of photoshopping! Who in their right mind would buy expensive products from some one who looks like the lady next door? No one. Even the models on the cover don’t look like the perfected images they portray. Save yourself the extra dose of ego deflating images and pass them up next time you are at the store.

 Don’t Let The Scale Dictate Your Life

 Knowing how much you weigh is a good way to ensure you are staying on track with your regime. Obsessing about how much you weigh every time you step in the bathroom however is only going to add to your stress, lower your self esteem and increase your waist line as a result. Stick to weighing yourself one a week, or even once every two weeks to lower anxiety levels and improve your body image.

 Reduce Mirror Time

 Take a day and record the amount of times you spend looking at your reflection. Most people with body image issues spend at least three hours a day obsessing over how they look in the mirror. Make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of time you spend looking at the mirror to improve how you feel about how you look.  On the same note, try not to compare how you look with how those around you look. There is always going to be some one better looking no matter how thin you are, how nice your clothes look or even how flawless you make may be.

 Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Everyone has a talent, some may be common and some not so common. One thing is for sure, only you can do what you do, how you do it. As an amazing human, you are special in every way. Embrace your differences and celebrate what makes you unique. On the same note, avoid those pesky music videos while you are at it. Granted they are entertaining, but the women in them are pretty cookie cutter on the unique scale.

 Focus On The Positive

 You have a lot of positive qualities. Instead of thinking about what you can’t do, or what you don’t have, spend time thinking about things in which you excel. You will find that your tension level reduces and your positive image ideals improve. Understand that you are more than how you look; don’t let societies habit of judging dictate your life.

 Be Grateful For What You Have, And What Will Be Gone When You Die

Even if you don’t feel confident about your appearance, there are plenty of other things in life you have to be happy for.  Take a few moments and jot down the good things you have accomplished in your life. In short order you will find that your life is more than the sum of your appearance. Take a few minutes to also think about the end of life. It may sound strange, but often understanding that this life is only temporary and fleeting is enough to help you gain perspective.

 Take A Load Off

Meditation doesn’t have to always be based on religion; in fact it’s a great way to bring about a sense of balance to the everyday hustle and bustle. It will help you relax your mind and body while tuning your mind into things that are really important in your life.

When your mind is in the right place, forming a positive image about your body will be much easier. Take a few minutes everyday to sit by alone and think about your self to refresh our senses.

Weight loss is a good way to stay healthy, and improve your quality of life. The journey to your target goal may be a ways away, but you can work on your body image now to ensure success.

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