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Program yourself for weight loss.

7 Psychological Steps to Lose WeightIn our age of technology and full automation sometimes you feel that less and less human is left around. Neurolinguistic programming – the phrase itself sounds frightening. In fact, NLP is a popular trend in psychology, it is able to cope with many problems. In particular, it can help those who want to lose weight. The most important thing – to believe in the result, set the correct course of thoughts, and start the harmony programme!

Step One. Relax.

Constant stress can be the reason of excess weight. Not only because many people have a habit to eat when they are worried. Often our bodies, “in anticipation” of difficult or stressful situations accumulate energy, putting it “in reserve” in the form of fat. So when you are on the way to the slim figure, try to learn the art of meditation.

Step Two. Look inside yourself.

From that psychologists propose to start the path to the goal – no matter whether it is buying a desired thing, or the acquisition of a cherished harmony. After analyzing your own actions, listening to feelings, you can learn a lot about yourself. You can find the causes of your dissatisfaction, mistakes that keep you from reaching the goal. What can be easier you may think. Well, it is not a piece of cake. Most of us never hold an internal dialogue with our own “I”. How about you?

Step Three. Formulate a goal.

Do you remember “Harry Potter” movie? To pall through the walls, heroes had to see their target very clearly. “Teleportation” from unattractive body to the beautiful and fit one is, of course, more realistic, but perhaps no less difficult to perform. However, the condition remains the same – you should concentrate on the final result.

Step Four. Clear yourself.

Physical changes by psychological means are effective only in tight connection with your imagination. Getting rid of extra pounds, we c clear the body of chemical waste at the same time.

Step Five. Use your imagination while eating.

Remember the catch phrase of Hippocrates: “We are what we eat?” If you go into aphorism and think about it while eating, what you finally want to bite: a fat piece of meat or a juicy apple?

Step Six. Get ready for change.

Positive changes in appearance, no doubt, delight and stimulate new “exploits.” But the difference in the lives can also cause transformation. American psychologist Robert Dilts in his book “Changing beliefs with NLP” describes his observations on a group of patients that aimed to reduce weight. The best results were achieved by people who combined the diet with some drastic changes in life – the beginning or end of study, a wedding, a big purchase, change of work, place of residence. The fact is that experiencing a change, a person may unwillingly get convinced that nothing lasts forever. Things change, often for the better, and the figure is not an exception. The second condition for a good result – a complete willingness of a person to change her appearance and belief in success.

Step Seven. Set the tone for your emotions.

Our emotions and reactions to what is happening around us shape the world according to how we subconsciously want to see it. Naturally, the interior installation of “all bad” paint the reality with dark colors. And it really gets bad. The same concerns self-esteem and self-awareness. Never speak negatively about yourself (“I’m fat, unattractive, pale and miserable …”) Such internal installation becomes a kind of auto-suggestion. Consequences of such meditating are deplorable. Want to become leaner, constantly calling yourself fatty? Nothing has come of it. Negative adjectives become a barrier to positive results, a kind of brake. This does not mean you have to deal with self-deception and “admiring” your far from perfect figure and consider it ideal. It is better to say: “I’m getting beautiful and graceful.” Formulate a statement in the form of the present (“now I am getting slim”) rather than the future (“I’ll be slim”). This is necessary so that the idea started right now.

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