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7 Practical Steps to Beat Procrastination and Be Your Own TimerProcrastination is as deadly as not doing anything, so you really shouldn’t give this vice any room in your system. Much to our desire to finish our work on time, be more productive, or just do things without feeling like we’re being chased, most of us admit that we tend to run after our breath while keeping up with time. So how do you keep procrastination at bay? Here are our 7 time-tested tips that you could try for yourself.

Set a Schedule

How many times have you missed doing something important because you haven’t jotted it down? One easy way to beat procrastination and do things on—or ahead of time—is to get a planner and write things that you will be doing in the coming days, weeks or months. Thus, it’s easy to remind yourself of upcoming dues, deadlines and any other stuffs that need your serious attention.

Prioritize What’s Important

What’s really important should be the first on your list of to-dos. So along the way of planning your schedule, write what’s important and cascade your list down to those who require the least of your attention. This way, you’ll know what’s the topmost priority of the day that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Sleep Early, Wake Up Early

Tardiness is so common these days that more and more people procrastinate because they failed to wake up early. The reason? They sleep late. Make it a habit of sleeping by 10 at night and then waking up early the following morning. The more you go to bed on time, the less you’ll panic because you know you’re not late so you’re more relaxed and confident you’ll go to work on time.

Don’t Do It All

Not all the time you have to say “yes.” You’re not a superhero to everything at the same time. Yes, you can do it all, but not now. Today is perhaps not the time to overload yourself. A local charity might want to have you on a Friday afternoon, but your daughter needs you for her recital. Give yourself a favor. Just say no. Nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t Run After The Deadline, Finish Ahead

The soonest a task is given, do it immediately so you’ll finish it before deadline. This will give you more time to organize things and think creatively and in return do something with substance and quality which will reflect back on your reputation.

Do Things Little By Little

If you are tasked to do something big and you have ample time left, schedule your workload and do things little by little until you’re through it. Again, don’t do it a day or two before the deadline. Plan your schedule and allocate enough time for it every day until it’s done.

Set Yourself a Deadline

Now, this is something that requires strict self-discipline but I tell you, once you have made this a routine, you’ll be surprised to see yourself as someone more organized and less procrastinating. Let’s take this for example. You’re due to submit an essay on Friday and yet you’ve made up your mind to finish it Thursday. Now that you finished it ahead of schedule, you’ll have a day’s allowance to check, recheck and revise your work and still have time to submit within the deadline. So much more for a punctual doer!

Once you’ve accomplished something on time, give yourself a reward. This is something that will motivate you even further to do your work better in a more efficient and timely manner. Remember, beating procrastination is not an overnight success. You need the right mind set, self-discipline and lots of motivation to keep you going and walking ahead of time.

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