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7 Powerful Ways To Lose Weight FastI see nowadays how hard it is for so many people to truly lose weight permanently. This can be due to a number of reasons but the most common cause of obesity or even unwanted weight is our dietary habits. The problem isn’t that people aren’t educated right about the proper ways to eat, but rather they don’t understand the reasons behind nutrition and what drives permanent weight loss.
This is what I’d like to explain today. I don’t want to just scratch the surface of weight loss, but I want to give you a full guide that will help you along your path to losing weight fast and naturally. I’ll be honest, losing weight can be an extremely difficult thing, but if you utilize the tips you’re about to receive, I can truly guarantee that your weight loss efforts will give you incredible rewards. Let’s get into it.

#1 Set Your Goals

I placed this tip at the front of the line because this is one of the most important secrets to succeeding with anything in life, and so many people don’t take advantage of this. Setting goals is huge for your success with weight loss for a number of reasons.

  1. It gives you a sense of what you’re truly aiming for and constantly gives you that reminder when you want to give up or quit halfway.
  2. It establishes what goals you want to reach so you have a planned set of goals that lead up to your main goal.
  3. It prevents you from quitting because you aren’t forced to reach for a huge goal since you have smaller goals that you can succeed with to lead up to your Ultimate goal.
  4. It gives you a sense of achievement when you know what you’re aiming for and understand what you have to do to get there faster instead of guessing all the time.

As you can see setting goals is just your first step to accomplishing true weight loss. If there’s one thing I want you to get out of this guide, it’s that your base remedy to losing weight permanently, is setting reachable goals that drive you to work harder and not give up.

 #2 Find an Accountability Partner

This is second in line because this is the second biggest thing that most people just toss off to the side. You’ll hear that accountability has no impact on your success with fast weight loss, but I definitely beg to differ. When you have someone constantly by your side to hold you accountable and keep you from eating that one doughnut, it makes a huge difference.

7 Powerful Ways To Lose Weight Fast - FemaleWhen it comes to losing weight you have to understand two key concepts:

  1. With weight loss, every little thing you do matters down the road and affects your success with losing permanent fat.
  2. Every decision you make will either impact your weight loss in a negative or bad way, so it’s generally good to always make the right decisions that push you to success.

Now your accountability partner plays a dynamic role on both of these key concepts. However, the number one thing I can tell you is that picking the right accountability partner is key to your success with this little tip. You have to pick someone you trust who you know won’t be afraid to hurt your feelings in order to help you achieve success.

This is how they will help you make the smaller decisions that ultimately help you lose weight faster and permanently. If you don’t have someone to punch that burger out of your hand, then how will you ever have success with weight loss? Accountability is huge, because I’ve learned that my conscience won’t always lead me in the direction of what’s best for me. You need an extra person who’s honest enough to fight your conscience when it isn’t right.

#3 Utilize Natural Hormones

Did you know there are key hormones in your system that affect your body’s ability to lose weight? These hormones control key fat burning processes as well as direct your body where to place excess fat. If you can control the hormones that promote natural fat burning through your dietary habits, you’ll find much more success with losing weight.

It isn’t good enough to exercise and eat healthy anymore, but you have to take advantage of every little element you can in order to combat that fat. Now I won’t go into detail on exactly how to maximize key fat-burning hormones, but I will make a small list for you that will give you an idea of what to search for.

Here’s That Small List:

  • Growth Hormone (GH) which promotes growth and development in a healthy manner.
  • Insulin which plays a key role in how your body deals with sugar (bad or good).
  • Thyroid Hormones which affect your gut and liver, where most fat is placed.

Hopefully that helps give you an idea of what to look for in foods and what key hormones your diet should be targeting for fast, natural weight loss. Many people overlook their natural hormones, so I thought I’d give you a head start and give you something extra that most people don’t know affects weight loss.

#4 Get Healthy Amounts of Sleep

Getting healthy amounts of sleep is very uncommon for most people nowadays. Why? Because no one wants to go to bed when there’s just so many fun things to do late at night – eat junk food, sit on your computer, stare at your ceiling. Think of all the awesome things you can do if you stay up and get unhealthy amounts of sleep.

However, think of how you’d feel and how your health would dramatically increase if you chose to set yourself apart and get healthy amounts of sleep. There are so many reasons why sleep is so crucial for your health, but I wanted to hit on two key points that affect your weight loss. Yes, sleep does have a dramatic role in weight loss.

First of all, insulin has a dramatic affect on your ability to burn fat. When your insulin levels are too high, your body isn’t able to compensate for those high levels, so more fat is stored throughout your body. However, when your insulin levels are stable then your workouts become more effective as your body doesn’t have to worry about insulin levels and is able to burn more fat effectively. Now insulin is produced in excessive amounts when your body is put under lots of stress.

When you don’t get good sleep, your body reacts to this as being “stressful” and therefore produces excessive amounts of insulin that store more body fat instead of get rid of it. If you can control your sleep and get healthy amounts, your body won’t produce excess insulin, and your workouts will be dynamically more effective in your efforts to lose weight.

The second reason sleep rocks is that you gain more energy for the upcoming day. With more energy, your body is able to push harder through workouts and you’re able to burn more calories and build more muscle since your body can be pushed to higher levels. Now when you get terrible sleep, your body isn’t able to function properly throughout the day and you also aren’t able to recover from the previous day’s workout.

This means you have almost no energy to workout so you’ll quit halfway, or if you get through that point of quitting, your body will possess almost no energy to workout optimally, which means your workouts will be useless. It’s pointless to work out if you don’t put your full effort into it both physically and mentally. Get good sleep and reap the rewards of fast weight loss. Again, I want to re-cap on what I just went over and condense the two effects sleep has on weight loss into two brief points.

  1. Sleep stabilizes your insulin levels, which decreases your excessive fat build-up and increases ability to burn more fat through workouts.
  2. Sleep gives you more energy to workout the next day and allows you more recovery time from your previous workout.

#5 Perform High-Intensity Exercises

High-intensity interval training is exercising at your absolute limits for a short burst of time. For example, you would sprint 50 yards as fast as you possibly can and then sprint back, with a long rest afterwards. This is equal to spending a long time on a treadmill and running at your half-speed. When you exercise at your absolute peak, you burn more fat and get amazing results in half the time it would take if you performed your cardio at your comfortable pace.

7 Powerful Ways To Lose Weight Fast - MaleNo one said losing weight was going to be comfortable, but rather you have to get out of your comfort zone, push your body to its maximum, and reap the rewards of faster, more successful weight loss. I suggest you perform short bursts of cardio and then rest for double the time you exercise. So if you performed high-intensity intervals for about 45 seconds then you’d rest for about a minute and a half.

The reason being that your body requires more time resting and less time exercising when you really reach your limits. I highly suggest you perform high-intensity interval training and get the best weight loss results you possibly can. Another cool thing is that your cardio is cut down dramatically as you’ll feel the major difference in exhaustion and calorie burning after your first time doing this.

#6 Perform Weighted Lifting Workouts

Building muscle is another crucial addition to losing weight. If you’re going to try and lose weight then you might as well do it right, which means benefitting from every element you possibly can. This includes building muscle through weight lifting. The reason you build muscle is because muscle has a natural property to break through fat. People say that fat turns into muscle, and this is pretty dead-on as you’re basically converting fat into muscle by burning fat and developing muscle where it once used to be.

The key to fast muscle development is to target the area on your body that you want to lose the most body fat, and blast that muscle with Ultimate exercises. My preference is to start with the harder exercises, and work your way down to the ones that come easy to you. Also, start off each exercise with the heaviest weight you can use, and don’t just perform the exercise, but do it slowly and methodically.

This in turn builds much more muscle and exhausts your muscles much faster through an approach known as Muscle Exhaustion. This is how real Fitness Trainers build muscle and this is how you can too. Remember to target whatever area it is you want to lose body fat and just blast that muscle group.

#7 Stray Away From Wheat and Gluten

Wheat and gluten (found in many foods) can be considered as the main reason for excess fat build up in many people. Most individuals don’t know this, but they could be allergic to wheat and gluten and it could be hitting them hard in the stomach area. Nowadays you hear of so many people being allergic to gluten and wheat, and in many cases they aren’t able to get rid of excess weight no matter what they do. This is one of the problems that come associated with gluten-intolerance for many people, but they don’t realize it.

The allergies to gluten and wheat have to do with specific functions at the molecular level, but the main point is that gluten-intolerance is rampant nowadays. My suggestion to you is to cut wheat and gluten completely out of your diet for about a month as a “test trial” and see the dynamic results that come associated with that dietary change. I’m not saying that you’re gluten-intolerant but I am saying that 1 in 3 people are, and you may be in that percent that is intolerant to gluten and wheat. Research gluten and what foods, sauces, ingredients contain it, and cut those foods (along with wheat) completely out of your diet for a whole month. You’ll be surprised what one small dietary change can do for your weight loss, especially when it’s one of the main causes for unhealthy weight gain.

7 Ways to Lose Weight – Conclusion

I’ve just given you the complete guide to successful weight loss, however this isn’t enough. You need to take action and build off of this momentum in order to get insane results. I guarantee you that you’ll see awesome weight loss results if you utilize each of these tips, because they’ve worked time and time again for me, as well as countless people who actually know this information to be effective.

Effectively losing weight can be difficult and I know that, but with these tips you can cut your time down and increase your results drastically. My only hope is that you’ll utilize this guide and get success with your weight loss. There’s a quote I love and it goes like this, “You’ve got to live like no one else so later on you can live like no one else.”

Yes, you have to work very hard to lose weight no matter what “secrets” you know. However, if you can work extremely hard now, you’ll get the results you want in the future and benefit from how hard you worked now and enjoy your healthy life. That’s what i means to “live like no one else, so you can live like no one else.”

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