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Getting started on your fitness journey? Or perhaps you’ve been at it for quite some time already and are just wondering if you’re doing everything as you should.

In order to see the most optimal results from your fitness efforts, it’s going to be important that you pay attention to the little things that you’re doing on a daily basis as small mistakes can add up big-time to compromise the results that you see.

This said, knowing the top fitness mistakes that many people make ahead of time can help you ensure that you take steps to avoid them.

Let’s have a quick look at what you should know.

#1: You Aren’t Tracking Your Workouts

The first fitness mistake that’s often made by many people is failing to track their workout sessions. If you aren’t tracking your workouts, how will you know how you’re doing? Simply, you won’t.

Tracking your workouts gives you a great reference to look back on so that when something needs to be changed, you can create that change quickly and easily.

#2: You’re Not Creating Sufficient Overload

Next, another reason you may not be seeing results is if you aren’t creating sufficient overload from your weight training routine. Remember, it’s subjecting your muscle to more of a stress than it can effectively handle that’s going to get you sitting up and growing stronger than before.

Without that overload, you’re going to remain the same. Make sure that you are pushing yourself to the limit with all the training you’re doing. If it feels too easy, it probably is.

#3: You Do The Same Thing Daily

Another must-do if you want to see results is to continually evoke change in your workout routine. If you hit the gym and are doing the same thing on a daily basis, something needs to change.

Your body will adapt and get used to the stressor that you’re placing upon it and when it does, that’s when results stop occurring.

You want to do something different almost every workout session. This could mean a different exercise, more weight, less rest, more reps, and so on – just do something that creates change.

That is what will get you to your end goal in a hurry.

#4 You Aren’t Resting Enough

Speaking of rest, now it’s time to address the inter-workout rest issue. It’s going to be a must that you are resting between each workout session that you do so that your body can effectively grow stronger than it was before.

Remember, you aren’t building your muscles while you’re in the gym training. You’re actually going to be building muscle and getting stronger when you’re out of the gym later on resting between those sessions.

If you aren’t providing the rest your body needs, then each time you enter the gym again, you’re actually just going to cause yourself to get weaker and weaker. Not quite what you were looking for, was it?

Remember that your muscles require at least 48 hours of down time to rest and recover each time you work them and in many cases, you may need two days.

Furthermore, your CNS still needs rest as well. If you go into the gym and lift weights five days in a row, don’t be surprised if by that fifth day you’re feeling an incredibly high level of fatigue hit you.

The body is just exhausted systemically as you haven’t had sufficient rest overall throughout the week.

Take that extra day off and you’ll notice this issue resides.

#5 You’re Using A Body Part Split

If you’ve been utilizing a body part split as you go about your workout sessions, that’s also something that you may want to reconsider.

A body part split is where you’re going into the gym and working just a single muscle group – or possibly two – at once rather than hitting the entire upper or lower body.

Full body workouts tend to be best for most people who are seeking overall fat loss, strength generation, or just to maintain their fitness level.

After that, for those who prefer going to the gym a little more frequently, the upper/lower split can also be sufficient.

Body part splits however are not. Avoid these if you want to see optimal progress.

#6 You’re All Cardio, No Lifting

The next fitness mistake that far too many people make in their fitness routine is performing way too much cardio and not enough lifting. Remember, cardio won’t change your body. You may burn off some calories while you do it, but it’s weight lifting that is really going to get you the results you seek.

Weight lifting has the power to completely change the way your body looks entirely, getting you a new shape and increasing muscle definition and firmness.

A good workout program should devote some time to each of these elements, however weight lifting should be made the priority.

#7 You Aren’t Enjoying Yourself

Finally, the last mistake that many people make as they go about their workout protocol is simply that they aren’t enjoying themselves. If you aren’t enjoying yourself in the workout session, how likely are you to stick with it?

Not very likely at all – which is why finding a workout that you love is a must. When you love what you’re doing, you’ll naturally want to get it in each and every day – no questions.

Remember that fitness does not always have to take place in the gym. While resistance training is typically best done with free or machine weights (or bodyweight activities), cardio can take many varieties.

Play a sport you used to love as a kid, go hiking, or take a leisurely bike ride with your family after work. You don’t have to slave away on a treadmill if you don’t want to.

So there you have some of the top points to remember about the common fitness mistakes that are often made by people going about their workout routines. Are you making any of these?


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Recommended: Use a voucher code MAS5385 to save an extra 5% when shopping for supplements on iHerb.

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  1. Karo Tries

    I feel like the most common mistake people do is do cardio only. You can only get so far with that.

    Also, everyone loves to do the same thing all the time since they get used to it and it becomes so much easier. However, the reality is, the harder the workout is for you, the more useful it proves to be.

    So, yeah, changing up your workout routine is essential. I feel like that’s where fitness trainers come in to be extra useful.

    Great article!


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