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5 Tips for Healthier LivingHaving a healthier lifestyle is essential, and does not require significant effort in the long term. The hardest part of switching to a healthier lifestyle is to make the first steps, which can be difficult if you aren’t used to exercising or following a sensible diet. However, by getting into good habits now, and by making the effort to turn small changes into larger ones, you can improve your overall health. By doing so, it is possible to cut down on the risks of high blood pressure, obesity and other conditions that can result from not looking after yourself properly. Some key tips for leading a healthier life include:

1 – Exercise

Having a strong and comprehensive exercise regime is one of the best ways to achieve better health. Exercise can take a number of different forms and intensities. Running, jogging and walking represent simple ways to lower stress, burn off calories and lose wight. At the same time, cardiovascular exercises like ab crunches and strength endurance can help with weight loss, as well as building muscle.

An exercise regime doesn’t mean going to the gym every day, but can mean spending 30 minutes to an hour a day doing some form of physical activity. At the same time, exercises like Pilates and yoga can be a valuable ways to improve your health through stretching and improving flexibility.

2 – Nutritious Diet

A nutritious diet should involve balancing your intake of carbs against exercise and the benefits of certain foods. You should cut down on carbohydrates and processed fats, and should focus on eating a wide range of foods. 5 fruit and vegetable portions a day will boost your mineral and nutritional intake, while starchy foods like pasta and rice can help to lower appetite. Oily fish can also boost healthy minerals. Cutting out large amounts of sugar, chocolate and junk food will also improve your mood, and prevent the build up of cholesterol in the blood stream.

3 – Switching from Soft Drinks

High sugar and calorific soft drinks can ultimately lead to higher blood pressure, obesity, and in some cases, Type 11 diabetes and heart conditions. In this way, it is worth switching to diet soda or water. Diet soda contains alternative sweeteners instead of sugar, with replacements like aspartame able to reproduce the sweetness of sugar without the calories or damage to teeth. Similarly, drinking more water will help to reduce appetite and detoxify your blood.

4 – Cutting Out or Reducing Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol should be drunk in moderation, with the recommended unit level for men being 3 to 4 units, with 2 to 3 units recommended for women. Alcohol abuse leads to higher risks of cancer, liver problems, high blood pressure and other health problems. In the same way, cutting out smoking will lower your chance of lung cancer and other conditions. While it can be difficult to quit, gradually reducing your intake, and experimenting with replacements like patches or electric cigarettes can help you to become healthier.

5 – Managing Stress

Believe it or not, being successful with your health regimen is more than just a body issue – you need to be fully on top of your stress levels too. Stress can have a bunch of effects from depression to symptoms that show up physically so it’s imperative that you seek advice from a therapist or even your doctor. It’s vital that you’re quick to recognize issues and deal with them effectively as fast as possible. It may be something simple like making sure you get 8 hours of unbroken sleep or night or finding something to relax you once a week like a massage. Either way, your mental state is going to have a big bearing on your physical state and how hard you can push yourself.

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