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Feeling stressed? You’re not alone. It’s not uncommon today to feel like things are becoming just a little bit too much, with demands hiding behind every corner. Work need to be finished, private life has to be in order, social life should definitely be maintained, and in the midst of all these things, you’re expected to enjoy yourself along the way. It can be hard to find room for breath on those extra harsh days, when you have a deadline closing in, a couple of birthdays to remember, kids to pick up from school and a dinner to be put on the table.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to get the better of you. We’re going to present you with 5 simple ways to relieve stress, focused on a couple of easy and easily applicable techniques that you can start using straight away. A stressful life can be good, you will definitely get a lot of things done, but when stress is starting to become a problem, and taking up more energy than it actually gives you, it’s time to start thinking about yourself.

And if you by some very simple means can find ways to relieve stress, then why not start right now?

1. Put things into perspective

The first thing you need to learn when getting stressed out, is to put things into perspective. This is a surprisingly effective method out of the ways to relieve stress. It might even sound a bit obvious, but it’s much easier than you’d think to get caught up in an initial stress response, and forget how much the stressor actually matters on the grand scale of things, when the body is busy going a mile a minute.

Sometimes you need to put things in a bigger picture, and ask yourself if it really matters that much if you, for instance, were to miss a day of studies, or neglect to do you household work for a day. Is it really the end of the world if you’re about to miss a deadline, or is it something you could compensate in the future? The idea is not to give up, but instead to realize what is important in life, and knowing that you have to put your health first. And if you’re stressed out to a high degree, as to an effect where it regularly interferes with your well being, then some dirty dishes, or running late to a meeting, might not be the end of the world, after all.

This will be incredibly hard however, as your body is going to fight you every minute of trying to think like this. The body responds in kind to the immediate stress, and long term thinking is not the first offer on the table. However, this can be trained if you exercise it regularly, and eventually you might come to get better at focusing on the healthiest alternative in your life.

2. Create healthy routines

Expanding on the healthiest alternative – a very good thing to do in general, and especially health affirming when it comes ways to relieve stress, is to create healthy routines. In relation to stress, this could entail making active choices that you know have a soothing effect.

For instance, you could start by deciding not to answer work mails from your home computer, not take work calls after a particular hour, stop surfing your laptop or tablet when spending time with the family and so on. This naturally works the other way around as well, where you can decide to try not bringing personal problems to work with you, mixing the demands of the two areas, and so forth.

Generally, it can also be a good idea to find a small area of personal space where you feel that you can relax, and be free, such as listening to the music you really like on your way home from work, taking time out of your day to watch your favourite tv-series, or just spend some time on your hobby, what ever that may be. The key here is to teach your body different routines, in order to avoid stress overlapping from one area of your life on to another. That way, demands will not feel like they are piling up, nor constantly be on your mind, rather you will have time to focus on one problem at a time. Highly depending on your current state, making you more able to focus on the problem, than worrying about everything at once. And remember – always make sure to take a break when you feel like you need it. The world is not going to spin out of control just because you take a breather.

3. Seek social support

Friends and family are an incredibly important part of life, and when it comes to ways to relieve stress, this is not any less true. When you feel that things might be a little bit overwhelming, you should not underestimate the power of just being able to talk to someone, have them listen and understand what you are saying and just be there for you. They do not need to solve the problem, just being able to turn to someone when feeling a little bit down, can in itself be very therapeutic. Despite feeling that people are sticking up for you, and are on your side, being less alone with the problem, you also get an opportunity to get things off of your chest, and is just one of the great ways to relieve stress.

4. Keep a stress journal

A very useful, and fairly simple tool to use, is keeping a stress journal. It is essentially the same thing as a diary or journal, that you regularly update, but with a full focus on stressful situations. In this way, you get a very good overview of what situations that are stressing you out in particular, and gives you the opportunity to think about what you can do to fight them. In a larger sense, you also get to off load the problems on your mind, and reflecting upon an event in hindsight can often make it easier to put into perspective.

This way, it may feel less stressful, and if you feel that you overreacted, that’s a great lesson to carry with you for the future. A stress journal fills many functions, and being able to map out your own life, and practically analyse it, in order to improve it, is another one of the great ways to relieve stress. Constantly scrutinizing your journal, might even lead you in to new ways to relieve stress, without too much effort!

5. Exercise regularly

As ways to relieve stress go, the simpler is always better. And there’s really nothing simpler, or more effective for stress reduction, than some good old physical exercise! There is a wide scientific basis for the positive health effects of exercise, and reducing the negative health impacts from stress is just a clear bonus. You can exercise preemptively, or even when fully stressed, either way it’s one of the great ways to relieve stress.

The most important thing when it comes to exercise, if the goal is to remain healthy, is to find a regular routine that you would like to keep up. In order to do this, you need to find something you can focus on, that you personally really enjoy. Forcing yourself to exercise is not going to be fun, you are going to miss a lot of sessions and the exercise itself might become a stressful element. This is what we want to avoid to as high of a degree as possible! After all, it’s all about finding your personal ways to relieve stress.

You should do something you find enjoying, move for the sake of moving, not because you have to. Whether it’s yoga, going for walks, running or lifting weights – it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you’re having a good time, and know that this in turn is doing something good for your body. There are several ways to relieve stress, but this is for sure one of the most enjoyable ones – so don’t rob yourself of that opportunity!

Are there more ways to relieve stress?

There is of course loads of methods you can learn and implement in your own life and other ways to relieve stress as much as possible, but the ideas presented above are very simple, quick to learn and incredibly useful to start off with. If you feel that stress is an even larger issue, you might want to go a bit deeper in to the topic and find more ways to relieve stress, but just starting to add these elements to your life can really make a great difference. And if you’re feeling anxious a lot of the time, and not sure of how to change it or which ways to relieve stress you can use, making some simple and fundamental changes as proposed here can be the start to a great journey.

A journey that will leave your stress behind you, leave room for your individual health and give you the control and tools you need to tackle any potential future situation that may occur. Give it a shot, you might feel a bit more empowered than you think – and when it comes to stress, don’t you deserve to give yourself that little extra quality of life? We think that you do.


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Recommended: Use a voucher code MAS5385 to save an extra 5% when shopping for supplements on iHerb.

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