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There are times when the latest trendy or fad diet should be given a tad more thought before starting. It would be wise to maybe rethink the diet plan before you start something that you may regret.
With innumerable diet ideas and practices currently in existence on the weight loss market, it is not easy to opt for the best that singularly addresses your not only your weight loss targets but your overall wellbeing.

There are some extreme fad diets and weird pseudo-science magical weight loss formulas. Over the last few decades, several strangely dangerous diet plans have been adopted by individuals desperately seeking a miraculous weight loss tactics, disregarding their fitness in the process.

Here are the list of 5 diet plans to avoid that can land you in some serious trouble:

1. Tapeworm diet

What is the diet secret? –This tapeworm diet plan basically involves the dieter swallowing a tapeworm that embeds in the body. The dieter has to ingest a pill that once consumed produces a tapeworm within the stomach. This tapeworm will nourish from the food you have digested by breaking down the digestive organism until you are left with no appetite. This diet was highlighted as the fix for weight loss during the early 20th century. Fortunately, this deadly tapeworm diet has been banned illegal by FDA, though it is considered few people still opt for this diet.

Why avoid this diet plan? – This has been placed on top of the 5 diet plans to avoid list because the magnitude of health hazard it implies for its users. This is extremely unsafe because you will be ingesting a parasite that will simply feed off your health. This tapeworm eats your food as well as absorbs every nutrient your body requires. The deadliest part is that the tapeworm necessarily does not confine itself within your stomach and can reach everywhere in the body including your brain and the result is frequently fatal. Apart from these problems, the parasite also creates a host of painful ailments – from headaches to severe abdominal pain.

2. The Prolinn Diet

What is the diet secret? – This is one diet that can leave you feeling really squeamish. Prolinn Diet, also known as The Last Chance Diet, was ‘invented’ by Roger Linn in the 1970s. His suggestion was brief and simple – dieters should consume nothing, but a single drink everyday that has concocted with various rejected animal organs sourced directly from the slaughterhouse! This juice of tendons, hooves, and horns is the secret of fast weight loss.

Why avoid this diet plan? – Incredibly, nearly four million individuals adopted this Prolinn Diet technique back in the 1970s. Appallingly, nearly 58% Prolinn dieters experienced heart attacks while on the diet.

3. The cigarette diet

What is the diet secret? – We have heard of the supposed ‘model’s diet’ consisting of tons of cigarettes along with water. However, the original was conceived during the period of 1920s when the cigarette manufacturers marketed the product as the magic weight loss method, focusing on nicotine’s capacity to suppress the hunger.

Why avoid this diet plan? – Well, the times have changed and so have the concepts. We know that smoking is actually dangerous. The smoke emanating from tobacco contains harmful addictive nicotine, along with dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, and carbon monoxide. Smoking is the reason behind an array of perilous diseases including heart and lung disease, cancer, impotence, stroke, and osteoporosis. Clearly, this diet is one of the most important 5 diet plans to avoid.

4. Fruitarian diet

What is the diet secret? – This diet is all about fruits and nothing else. However, you can also undertake specific stringent fruitarian diet that allows only seeds and nuts and not even vegetables.

Why avoid this diet plan? – Among the side effects of fruitarian diet, the most important is the extreme lack of essential nutrients in body. Your consumption will be limited within a single food group, leading to a lack of vital fatty acids, protein, vitamin D, B12, calcium, and iron.

5. hCG Diet

What is this diet secret? – It involves directly injecting, ingesting, or rubbing the cream-based hCG hormone your skin. The hormone is produced in the human placenta and urine of pregnant women.

Why avoid this diet plan? – It has not yet been proven that this hCG hormone helps dieters in weight loss.

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