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Volume Augmentation

Botox was a hit and still has been when it comes to non invasive treatment of wrinkles. The word Botox became akin to getting younger looks that even younger age groups are opting to have it injected early. But then though Botox isn’t obsolete still but many alternatives had popped out in the market already.

These newer alternatives are available in all clinics all over the world. But some may just be a tad better trained than any other doctor’s to perform certain surgeries. The newer treatments are also better equipped with pre evaluation on skin compatibility and have more alternative of not going for the pulled look that the traditional Botox is having.

What Causes Wrinkles

So to deviate a little bit from the topic, let us discuss things that may be pushing you to finally have that wrinkle treatment—the wrinkle itself. Wrinkles may be caused by several factors. Early onset of this condition may be hastened by additional factors.

Wrinkles are natural; it is the byproduct of aging. They are mainly appearing because the skin after aging is losing much collagen which causes the wrinkly and the hollow look in the face. This hollowness and wrinkling may make you look gaunt and old. Wrinkles became a sign of aging though it doesn’t necessarily mean to appear in people at their golden age, young people may be having it early too.

Your genes or heredity plays a big deal in the wrinkling process of your skin. Some may just have wrinkles early as dictated by genes. Other may develop wrinkles fast due to poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Presumably, the skin is affected by things such as smoking, alcohol, and too much exposure to the sun. Inactivity and lack of exercise may also be major reasons of wrinkles.

Bad products, exposure to harmful elements and medication may also hasten the cause of wrinkles. So to sum it up, the following things may play a big role in your early wrinkling:

  • Genes
  • Diet
  • Exposure to sun and other elements
  • Bad habits i.e. smoking, alcohol, etc.
  • Inactivity
  • Bad skin care products
  • Medication

The Five Botox Alternatives

Botox, an injectibles that derived itself from Botulinum toxin, has been a hit and has one of the highest non invasive procedures all over the world. It blocks nerve impulses that relax the muscles thus avoiding pimples. The downside to Botox is some older version of it prevents you from doing and showing emotion.

Now for the alternatives, here they are in list:

1. Vibraderm. This treatment as I said is non invasive. The procedure exfoliates and stimulates your skin to help it produce collagen naturally. The treatment helps in treating fine lines, improve your skin texture, remove acne scars and declog your pores.

2. Dermal Fillers. These too are injectibles like Botox. The thing that is being inserted or injected in your skin includes collagen, hyaluronic acid and other substances. The procedure will address fine lines, wrinkles temporarily. The procedure should be followed up after a prescribed length of month.

3. Fat Transfer. This is a way of getting natural fat from your body, harvest it then it will be purified and injected in areas such as your face. The fat will plump up your face and will be absorbed by your body. The result will diminish after some months so a follow up treatment should be done. It’s the same with all other treatments too.

4. Chemical Peels. This procedure makes use of trichloroacetic acid or glycolic acid for the peels. This may be combined with all other chemicals to achieve the best look possible. Its result will address discolored skin, erase fine lines and remedy sun damaged skin.

5. IPL or Intense Pulsed Light. This is a technique that makes use of a broad spectrum of light. This stimulates the production of the collagen thus results to a much younger skin. Aside from wrinkles, it also removes sun damage and creates a much even skin tone.

Aside from that 5 alternatives there are other treatments out there that may be used. Several or most of these treatments are being used and offered by clinics in any part of the world. Of course prices may vary but the thing that you shouldn’t forget is to choose the right doctor that is well trained to perform this treatments.

Safety should be your priority, so better save up for it.

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